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A CFO for Dentists

It’s not unusual for medical and dental professionals to feel uncomfortable with their understanding of their clinic’s finances. You came to dentistry to help your patients, not to manage finances. You probably have an accounting service, either in house or outsourced, but they do not provide an explanation of your financial performance beyond a P&L and Balance Sheet. This leaves you wondering if there are ways to enhance your revenue and earnings

If this is you, then I can probably help and it will not cost you anything more than some of your time to find out. Book a zoom call, or Covid restrictions permitting, I’ll come to your clinic. We can talk about your concerns and what can be done to improve the situation.

Take a look at ways to improve your sustainability and profitability with ideas for Revenue and Income Enhancers. I hope you find my posts informative and helpful. Also take a look at Quick tips for success which include short ideas for you to use.

Contact me for a no obligation financial review. Or use me as a sounding board to help you achieve your vision for your clinic at Free Financial Review

“Jeremy had the expertise and experience we needed, and was able to provide the guidance and advice necessary to set budgets, predict cash flow, streamline the business, set business valuations and generally plan for the company’s future endeavors. Not only is Jeremy knowledgeable, he is able to deliver that knowledge in a straight forward and easy to understand way. His sense of humor and personality set him apart from the other finance people we have worked with and made our meetings both productive and enjoyable. He quickly became a trusted advisor who helped guide our business for two years.

Shaun Thompson, Managing Director Expat Dental