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Bring your breakthrough idea to life. Practical Solutions to Difficult Problems with Jeremy Gray

There are two potential routes to a solution of a problem. The first is conformity, Peesapaty tried to influence government policy. The second, originality, in the case edible cutlery. Unconventional thinkers have unprecedented access to knowledge, talents, capital and potential customers. Yet breakthrough products or services are hard to find, Gary Hamel, a recognized business thinker, notes that corporations are awash with ideas that full into one of two buckets. Incremental no brainers or flaky no hopers. How to bring your breakthrough idea to life?
  1. Bring your breakthrough idea to life.
  2. Start with a side gig – develop your breakthrough idea
  3. 10 things you need to consider before you launch your second career.
  4. Why Listen to the Geriatric Entrepreneur
  5. S8 E52 Affiliate Marketing

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